Ingrown Toenail: Here is How to Get Rid of it Without Surgery !

Ingrown Toenail: Here is How to Get Rid of it Without Surgery !

Ingrown toenail is an enduring disease. This disease is usually represented by growth of one of both sides of the nail beneath the skin. Also this disease can occur due to many reasons.

However modern medicine has many accustomed and surgical methods that can help you solve this problem. In addition if you want to avoid the expensive and unpleasant treatments at the hospital, then you will be happy to know that you can solve this problem in the comfort of your home.
Ingrown Toenail

However you should keep in mind that this procedure is promising only during the early phase, when there are no indicators of complications.

How to do the procedure ?

Make the nails and skin become softer by making a hot bath for your toes.

Put 3 tbsp of sodium bicarbonate in 5 liters water (you can optionally add salt) where the temperature should not be more than 37 C.

Remove the in growth nail after the bath.

You can also take a sticking plaster and stick the affected area of your thumb if you want to make the procedure easier. You will make you’re your nail more approachable by doing this. Put some cotton between the skin and the nail by raising the end of your nail with tweezers. Soak the cotton in some antibacterial cream ( iodine) before applying for getting the best results.

Change the cotton and the wrapper after 24 hours.

Do this method for 15 days.

The nail will grow in a short period of time.

If you have problems to put the cotton between skin and the nail at the beginning, put a mixture between garlic and honey (mix grinded garlic clove and 1 tbsp of organic honey) or aloe vera over it – the cream should be antiseptic.

The most important thing in this procedure is to soften the skin and to change the cotton between the skin and the nail every day.

Rasp the ends of the nail after succeeding in the procedure.

Do not forget to do pedicures in the future. If there is an infection on the pus and nail, you should definitely visit your doctor.

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